Oct 23

What absolutely should not do when kids drink milk?

By Michelle | Uncategorized

Milk is one of the nutritional supplements for offsprings and children to supply necessary nutrition for a comprehensive development. Drinking milk in the right way will bring numerous effects. Furthermore, it also is a refreshing drink, which is the favourite drink of many children. However, if the mother doesn’t know how your children drink milk safety combined with some kinds of foods, it will be very dangerous. Let’s see this following information to find out taboos when children drink milk!

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Oct 09

Newborn Baby Care: How to protect the delicate skin

By Michelle | Baby Care

Newborn Baby Care is a demanding task that requires mothers successfully complete. Newborns are very frail and fragile, especially the baby’s skin. If not for special care, babies are more susceptible to skin diseases or compromised skin infection. Mother has already known how to protect your baby’s skin?

Newborns have the thin skin with the structure and function that are not complete, so very vulnerable. So, the baby skin should be protected against harmful agents around.Continue reading

May 21

Nutrition for infant parents need to know

By Michelle | Baby Care

Children born healthy and gaining weight are the desire of almost all parents. One of the most important factors which can help babies grow well is nutrition. All of us are aware of the important role of nutrition for infants, so today kiddiesite.com will share with moms a good nutrition for newborn babies to put weight on their baby regularly and develop to the maximum.

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