14 Obsolete Concepts In Infant Care – Part 1

Infants need to be properly cared for and stay healthily with normal development like other children. There are no parents who want their babies suffer any harm or injury so that while taking care of your darling, you should pay attention to some tips and useful information to know which should and should noy.

Here are the concepts you should avoid while taking care of babies:

Infants should be bathed every day

infant-bath The fact that he or she does not “stink” from sweating as adults, so the kid just need to take a bath in 2 or 3 days (of course except the case the child are sticky “diaper”). However, if you have a habit of daily bathing for baby, it is okay; you just remember to moisturize your baby after then.


Let baby sleep in a quiet and dark room is best

The truth is that only a few new babies really need to sleep so. Most babies can sleep in noisy environments and have little light. Moreover, if the baby is familiar with operations around while sleeping, the child will be still “difficulty” as in a quiet and dark space.

Apply and rub alcohol when the baby has a high fever will help to reduce sickness.

The truth is rubbing alcohol will not help reduce infant fever at all. On the contrary, this fact is not safe because alcohol may absorb through the skin of baby, which is not good for him/her.

Let you baby stand or swing on your lap may cause him/her has the bowlegged legs:

infant-on-lapThe truth is that he/she will not be bowlegged as you are concerned. This is only anecdotal stories baselessly. Moreover, children are learning how bearing age on the legs and find the gravity center, so let him stand or swing in order to not only fun but also stimulate your baby developing.


Listen to classical music will help him/her increase IQ.

The truth is that music can enrich the lives of children. However, no study has proved that classical music may increase your baby’s brain to develop.

Just let the baby cry. You will turn yours become a bad child if just accepting all “claims” that hold your baby when he/she cries:

The truth is that children under 4 months of age have some tactical freedom. Child knows how to be a “bad child” for the purpose to be soothed and loves to be surrounded, but it is towards the child. In fact, holding him/her up when he/she cries help the kid learn that parents will always be there to take care of them when they need.

Children cannot be up all night if wet diaper is not changed

In truth, urine is sterile water, and diapers today are very fast absorbing. Therefore, you can let the baby diaper wet overnight with no problems. However, babies in diapers full of feces for too long can cause UTI or bladder infection, especially girls. So if you “feel” stinky diapers, you should quickly change new baby diaper immediately.


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