14 obsolete concepts in infant care (part 2)

Vaccination when they have a cold or mild fever is very dangerous

The truth is that the mild disease does not reduce the ability to meet the baby’s immune system and increase the risk of unpleasant reactions when vaccinated.

Never use sunscreen on babies under 6 months old

The truth is that the risk of skin cancer due to the exposure to the sun having a higher risk than using sunscreen for baby. It is the best to keep your baby away from dangerous ultraviolet rays as much as possible, from 10 am time period to 4pm. But if you have to take her out into the street sun, you need to use sunscreen of at least SPF 15 for children. According to the American Pregnancy Association, just dab a small amount of sunscreen on small areas such as the face or the back of your hand, it is okay for baby.

In the first months of age, must always sterilize all bottles or pacifiers

The truth is that you only need to sterilize bottles and pacifiers when you have just purchased them. After that first time, you can wash with soap and water is enough. In fact, babies are exposed to more bacteria than the number of bacteria in a bottle or pacifier that have been thoroughly cleaned every day.

Let your baby to sleep on their bellies is the safest

The truth is the safest sleep position for your baby is supine, i.e. sleeping in the back. Previously, doctors fear a child can choke if mother do not let the baby drool on their stomachs or hips. But numerous studies show that this sleeping position is related to SIDS (sudden death syndrome in infants) at a high rate.

Add the rice grains in infant’s bottle will help him or her sleep

The truth is that you should postpone your baby solid foods between 4 and 6 months old. Research shows that babies’ solid foods before 4 months of age have sleep problems than babies who are fed with formula. This study is also showed an association between being early and eats solid foods later obesity.

Need for strict feeding schedule

The truth is that the better off you should be feeding your baby on demand, as her body itself will let her know when being hungry and when she is full. When putting your child into a methodical feeding schedule will impact negatively on the healthy eating habits of baby.

Infants should wear hard soled shoes to protect the fragile toes and keep straight.

The truth is that babies use their toes to stick in the surfaces that they can step forward, so you should let children go barefoot indoors. To keep your baby’s feet jot safe while going out, you can give him a pair of good stick-soled shoes. A very hard sole shoes will be very easy to slip when she moves.


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