7 Misconceptions about infant sleep

You should immediately remove the pads or anything to shield from the crib immediately except crib sheets fit snugly and your baby.

1. Never awaken a sleeping baby

Fact: You may have heard this a thousand times (and may have followed such advice when you got a baby), but do not believe this. In a few weeks, your baby seems to be eating constantly, but in fact every 2 to 3 hours at a time. Therefore, there are times when you will gently awaken them to breastfeed.

It means that the baby is sleeping to wake not only not matter, but also the important thing because you need to do to help your baby get a healthy weight. But once the new baby has gained enough weight, then you can let your baby to sleep at night as much as possible without woken to breastfeed (and if baby can prolong the sleep time you will be happy, too!). At that time, the mother simply ensures regular feeding during the day. It is important for babies to sleep but you should not let your baby sleep too much.

2. Protective cushions around the baby crib

Fact: The round crib pads blush, it seems like they help protect them from head tumors, cleft forehead or bruises caused by collisions in the cradle, but this is actually very dangerous (like the soft pillow or other similar) that may cause the risk of suffocation for babies.

According to many doctors, although there are no cases of sore-headed infants that have serious head banging into the cradle, but they are consistently met with the roll and wrap the baby in the crib pads are dangerous. Therefore, parents should immediately remove the pads or anything to shield round off the crib immediately, except linen fit with baby and crib only.

Parents should learn how to help your baby sleep well and safe.

3. Keep your baby room completely quiet

Fact: It is true that you may need complete silence to sleep and staying asleep, but most infants prefer the noise environment with such noise that sounded like the fan rotation. Experts said, “This may sound very comfortable and familiar for the baby to be heard frequently in utero 24/7”.

Well, if you do not know that the truth is in your belly, it is a bit noisy. Furthermore noise “white” (white noise) can “banish” the other noises in the house, which is the sounds affect your baby’s sleep. Therefore, if the mother get in trouble with unable to procure or maintain sleep for your baby, try to find the ways to generate noise “white” or the equipment used to create similar sound to help baby sleep.

4. Should your baby sleep through the night from the 12th week

Fact: “If your baby eat well during the day, maintain regular routines and add a bit of luck, your baby will sleep through the night in the 12th month”, an expert said. For others, this may not occur for more than 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or even to another, and you should also know that it does not mean you do anything wrong, so do not worry.

But you can do something to “mobilize” your baby sleep longer: short setup process and quiet sleep, so baby can sleep (without coax or take the baby to sleep), and when she is sleeping, do not rush in the baby’s room if mother hears the noise rapture as she needs to learn to sleep. If she perseveres, it is sure that your angel will probably sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours at night in 4 to 6 months of age.

5. Let your baby to sleep late will prevent children up too early in the morning.

Fact: Is it better to let children sleep late? Although it sounds reasonable, but this is also has its negative side. The reason: to keep babies up late will make the baby very easy to catch sick, and when they are very tired, it will have a domino effect, but the fact is that babies get sleep problems and if this is happened, it is hard to sleep again if they get up early. And if let baby sleep later in the morning, it is rarely that you have luck to cause your child to get to bed earlier. Let your baby to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual, assure you that she will start sleeping later in the morning.

6.  Let the dog sleep in your baby’s room is also okay.

Fact: Agencies American Academy of Pediatrics recommends never let a baby or young child alone with a pet – and that includes allowing pets to sleep with the young. The reason: there are about 600,000 children with dog bites each year, serious enough to need medical treatment. Even a “playful” cat can also jump into the cradle of newborn and rake them. Experts say: “I have met many cases of babies born with dog bites very year, and often by family dog”. So to ensure the safety for the baby, the mother should keep her bedroom “security” by not placing pets near the place baby sleeps.

7. Add cereal in a baby bottle to help baby sleep through the night.

Fact: There is no evidence to show that adding cereal to the bottle-feeding before bed will help baby sleep longer, so you should not do that. In fact, cereal in the bottle increases absorption of calories, and some studies indicate that less than 4 months baby solid foods may contribute to child obesity.

Agencies American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your baby is 4 to 6 months of age to get acquainted with solid foods, and always use a spoon molding solid foods for your baby to prevent choking if the baby feeding by the bottle. However, there are some exceptions, such as if a doctor recommends supplements to treat cereals reflux. In this exceptional case, the mother should follow the doctor’s recommendations carefully.


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