Best Lightweight Stroller 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

The stroller is one of the basic baby products that you may need to buy for your newborn baby. This is very important if you want to have a comfortable riding or trip with your baby. Isn’t it hard to take your baby in your arms for long distance? Then, a baby stroller can be a good opportunity to give your arms rest and provide the comfortable baby seat to sit, play or take a nap.

There are various kinds of strollers on the market, but you should prefer to buy the best lightweight stroller for your baby. But, why should you buy the lightweight model? The lightweight baby stroller will give you an opportunity to carry and store the stroller very easily. In fact, they are more comfortable and travel-friendly, take little space for storage.


Best lightweight strollers 2017 Review

Best lightweight stroller 2017

There are many lightweight strollers in the market from different popular brands. Therefore, this would be a problem for you to decide from many strollers. As a result, we have picked top 4 strollers for your baby. You can read our short review as well as long in order to pick the right model for your baby very easily.

  1. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller
  2. Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller
  3. Maclaren Mark II Stroller
  4. Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

01. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller


The baby stroller is a perfect model for your baby if you travel frequently. The lightweight model along with a compact design will give your baby full protection from sunlight. Moreover, the harness point is included in order to keep your baby safe while riding. In addition, the handle of the baby stroller is ergonomic friendly design and ensure a comfortable pulling position. This is the stroller for travel because of its satchel design. You can convert the stroller into a small carry bag and move with this at any time. The two-step folding system is very easy to store and travel-friendly.

02. Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller


If you want a lightweight umbrella stroller for providing full sunlight protection to your newborn baby, this is a right option. The large canopy along with zipper extension model will always keep your child safe from dangerous UV ray light. The heat resistant foam handle gives you comfortable riding. Don’t worry about the baby because the rear wheel will give you baby comfortable riding. Moreover, the wheel lock option gives easy to stand and wait for any transportation. The cup holder in the stroller is an extra bonus for the parents to take a coffee and move with the baby.

03. Maclaren Mark II Stroller

Maclaren Mark II Stroller


The baby stroller provides waterproof hood with extra large extendable sun visor to protect your baby. Besides, it comes with a rain cover for the stroller in order to cover and keep the baby safe. The handle protective design is good and perfect for pushing the stroller for a long time. Moreover, all the wheels of the stroller have the suspension that makes the ride comfortable for the baby. The mesh center seat panel will give natural air to the baby during the summer season. This is a lightweight baby stroller with shoulder carry straps.  Overall, this is fully protected and well-organized stroller for any age of child.

04. Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller


This is an ultra-lightweight aluminum stroller for a baby. Along with 2 reclining seat positioning, it offers 5 point safety harness. In addition, the front wheels suspension will protect your baby in the tough terrains. Don’t worry about the sun protection and storage option because this is the best lightweight umbrella stroller, there is also a basket where you can keep important items for your baby. The shoulder straps will make it easy to carry in the transportation or public place. Therefore, you can convert the small carry bag into a baby stroller at anywhere!

Why should you use Lightweight Stroller?

There are different types, styles, sizes of baby strollers on the market. Now, you have to understand each of the types before purchase. The strollers that are less than 15 pounds in weight are considered as lightweight models.

Most of the parents want to buy a lightweight stroller for the baby. Of course, there are many certain reasons of using a lightweight model and normal strollers. If you want new parents, then, you must know about the benefits of lightweight stroller too. When you know the advantages and disadvantages, you can easily make a decision.

Size of the best lightweight stroller

Normally, the size of the lightweight stroller is small and easy to carry to any place. The designers give extra attention to the size of the models to make it lightweight. According to the manufacturers and available models in the market, they are mostly less than 15 pounds.

As the models are small in size, you can easily carry the stroller in any place specially transportations. In fact, you will get the extra advantage to keep the stroller in the overhead storage in the airlines.


Lightweight strollers are very easy to fold and store anywhere in your room. This type of stroller is normally made for the parents who are living in tight-space apartments. They do not take much space, easy to fold and carry it in the car’s back seat.

Easy Handling

The models are very easy to handle because the weight is too low. Moreover, most of the models available in the market are ergonomic friendly design. As a result, you will never face trouble to handle and use the stroller for your first baby.

Cost Effective

When you compare the price of the strollers, you will find that the small sized stroller price is low. As a result, you can give your baby good and comfortable riding opportunity at your tight budget too. Therefore, you should not think about the budget because you will get the best stroller at the lower price too!

Good Appearance

Normally, they come with a sized compact design for your home. Therefore, they look good and do not hamper your home’s beauty. As they provide fold up to store easily, you can keep it in the storage room. For that reason, your room decorate will always look good and the stroller will become almost invisible.


If you frequently travel one place to another, you must need the lightweight stroller. In fact, the manufacturers design the lightweight stroller in order to make the baby product travel-friendly. As a result, you will never face any problem in the trip because of the stroller. Just fold up it and use the shoulder straps in order to carry easily.


Moving with a bulky stroller will be hard for any parents in the crowded space. Therefore, a lightweight will be plus to control, handle and move in the crowded place. Also, you can quickly fold the stroller, use the shoulder strap to carry it and again convert it when you are in a free place.

These are some of the benefits that parents will get when they will buy a lightweight stroller. If you think you want any of the benefits, then, you should go for it!

How to Choose Best Baby Stroller for 2017: Step by Step Guide

The baby stroller is the must for new parents in order to get many advantages. When they have a stroller, they will not need to carry the baby in the arms. Therefore, having a lightweight stroller will be a plus for any parents.

If you have set your mind to buy a stroller, you will need to know many things about this. First of all, you will need to know how to choose the best lightweight stroller 2017 for purchase. This is really important to know the right process to find it. Otherwise, your stroller may not provide you good opportunity facilities at all.

Many of the parents are failing to choose the right stroller. Therefore, we have researched and make a step by step guideline in order to buy a good stroller. You can also follow the steps so that you can do the right selection for your baby too!

Consider the overall Performance

To know about the performance is the key to select a lightweight stroller. The performance depends on the material and features of it. Normally, you will find it hard to measure the performance of a stroller. For that reason, you will need to look at the feature, durability, customer feedback and review. Then, you will have some hint about the performance of it. Normally, the features will give you a basic idea about the stroller.

Judge the Size and Weight of the Stroller

This is important to select the right weight and size of a stroller in order to get long lasting performance. Normally, there are different sizes and shapes of strollers available. You should not buy larger model because this will hard to store in your home.

When you are choosing the right size, you will need to know the weight. There are some extremely lightweight models that may not good for you. Sometimes, extreme lightweight strollers can’t give too much weight limitation at all. So, consider the weight as well as the size of the baby product.

With Recline or Without Recline

When you are looking for a lightweight stroller, you will get two options, with recline or without recline. This is important to choose without recline option because this will not add extra weight to the stroller.

Recline is important in order to give your baby nap option. However, this will make the stroller heavy and large model. Therefore, choosing without recline option is a better choice.

Stroller with Carry Strap

You will need to think about portable and easy to carry option in the stroller. Most of the lightweight models offer carry straps, especially shoulder straps. This is not as important as other features. However, a shoulder strap will help you to bring the stroller easily in the shopping mall or up/down stairs. In addition, the folding option will give you another chance to make the stroller smaller for easy carrying.

Storage Basket

When you are buying a lightweight stroller, you will get a basket to carry your important things. Some models provide small basket and some offers big basket. Now you will need to decide whether you want to bring many things or only important items in the storage basket.

Checking for safety

The safety is one of the best things that you will need to consider. There are many things that you will check for the safety concerns. First of all, you will need to check the standard design of the stroller.

Many of the strollers is designed and certified with US and Canadian safety and health standards for baby. In addition, the harness point is important to keep your baby safe. 5-point harness safety feature will be great for your baby.

On the hand, you will need to check the handle brake feature. The brakes should be effective and efficient to stop the baby stroller. Always check when the model is launched in the market. The oldest model will never give you good and effective features for your baby.

Customer Reviews

Reading the reviews of any particular baby stroller is the best way to know about it perfectly before you make a purchase decision. There are many online stores where you will get reviews from the customers. In addition, you can also talk with other parents about the stroller. This will give you a sense of right and wrong things of the model in a short time. When you will talk and read the reviews, you can easily measure the suitableness of the stroller.

Now follow the step by step process in order to find the right model for you. If you find any fault in the stroller, you will need to eliminate the model from the preference list.

Tips for Using Lightweight Stroller

When you purchase the best lightweight stroller for your baby, you will need to keep some things in your mind. A set of instructions can give you stress-free ride with your baby and keep your baby safe. Most of the parents like to have a wonderful time with the baby because of the stroller. However, avoiding some important things can make the stroller ride full of trouble.

Therefore, we are providing some tips and tricks that will give you good experience for using the lightweight stroller. Mainly, you will get a good number of reasons to buy a stroller but this is hard to know the right way to use them.

Use the Safety Straps

This is very much important to use the safety straps of the stroller for your baby. Now a day each and every stroller offers a safety harness strap for the baby. When you are buying, you should check for the feature.

The distance of destination is not a fact to use the harness strap. In fact, you will need to use the strap every time you go outside with your baby. The safety belt will keep your baby safe, and prevent to climbing from the seat. As a result, there will be no risk to fall from the stroller and get the injury.

You will get both three-point harness and five-point harness model in the market. Both of the models will give proper safety to your baby. However, you will need to sure that you are using all the harness point properly.

Use the Wheel Brakes and Lock When Required

Having wheel lock feature in the stroller is a common thing for all the models. When you are on the ride with your baby, you may need to stand in a place. Then, you should not forget to use the wheel brakes to keep the stroller safely.

Sometimes parents do not care about the wheel brakes when they are in the level ground. But, this is important because any passer-by can bump the stroller by mistake. As a result, your baby may fall from the stroller and hurt. This is very common mistake done by the parents.

In this case, you should use the wheel brakes that will lock the wheels in the ground. As a result, this will not allow any person to bump it very easily. In fact, this will create pressure to stop the wheels to move!

Don’t Overload the Stroller

You will be delighted when you get extra space or basket design in the baby strollers. But, don’t be tempted to the facility before knowing anything.

Most of the strollers offer basket in order to carry baby items. Normally, different stroller models come with a specific design. Also, the instruction book contains what you can carry on the basket to get good performance. For example, lightweight baby strollers offer small basket under the seat in order to bring baby diapers and food items.

Many of you will go for shopping with baby and full the basket with bags and various other items. Even, you may not leave the handles to hang the heavy shopping bags. This will reduce the efficiency, performance of the stroller. When you go against the particular design, this will damage the handle and wheel performance. Sometimes, heavy shopping bags hanging on the handles can damage the mechanism of the wheel brake.

Therefore, this is really important to understand what the handles and basket can afford to carry. Otherwise, you must need to look for another model to buy!

Check the Mechanism Every Time Before Going Outside

When you are planning to go outside, you should check the baby stroller. This will help you to get extra safety for your baby and avoid unnecessary risks.

In this part, you can check the canopy, extendable hood parts, frame lock, wheel brake and others many items. When you check the items, you can easily identify the problem if any. As a result, you can leave the stroller at home and go with the alternative plan.

This is a concerning point because brakes mechanism can be damaged at any time. Going without proper brake will be a great risk for your baby. In addition, you should also check the folding mechanism properly in order to store the stroller very easily. The problem in the folding mechanism is very common but needy feature for the parents. Therefore, checking this system is an important issue before you go!

Never Leave Your Kid alone in the Stroller

How many times you have seen a baby in the stroller without parents? This is a frequent scene in the shopping malls and parks. Parents do not care about the baby when it is sleeping in the stroller.

You may think this is a safe place for the baby as it is sleeping. If so, then, you are totally going in the wrong direction. You should never leave your kid alone in the stroller either child is sleeping or playing with toys. It can do anything serious to hurt itself very easily although you use the safety harness.

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This is our complete buying guide for the best lightweight stroller 2017. By the end, you might not have any question because we have highlighted everything with examples and perfect solution. If you have a newborn baby, follow our steps to find the best model.

You can keep faith in us because we have picked the top lightweight strollers in our recommendation section. If you have still any question regarding buying or using a baby stroller, leave a comment or message to our team, we will delight to help you!


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