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Who should not stay closed new-born babies?

Do not hurt your children simply because not dare to remind following “special” guests while visiting children. Below is a list of some kinds of people that the parents should not let them stay close to newborn babies who have very weak resistance and easy to get illness:

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How to keep baby healthy in the winter

  When the seasons change, northeast wind overflows, this is time that the child is very easy to catch cold, respiratory infections and diarrhea increasingly, because the baby’s tiny body is not capable of generating heat, he/she cannot cope with the low temperature. Now mother must always be noted for the well clothes, only hot […]

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Good winter habits for your kids saying no to flu or cold

The weather is colder, so parents who have young children are worried because at this stage of weather their babies are easy to get infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, coughing, sniffing, and prolonged fever. However, just follow some following simple habits; parents can help their children strengthen their resistance. As a result, the babies can afford […]

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6 Tips To Deal With Children’s Temper Tantrums

These days, every family just have one or two children, so these babies always get so much love from all family members. Love is essential for children, but it also creates their temper tantrums since they just think that their parents always forgive all their mistakes. As a mother or father, sometimes it is hard […]

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6 Sleep Advice For Babies

Parents always want the best thing for their children, especially few-month-old babies since they just come to the new environment and need to adapt many new things. A good sleep is fundamental for their adoption and development. It is also desirable wish of many parents because they work during the day and need relaxing time […]

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