How to keep baby healthy in the winter


When the seasons change, northeast wind overflows, this is time that the child is very easy to catch cold, respiratory infections and diarrhea increasingly, because the baby’s tiny body is not capable of generating heat, he/she cannot cope with the low temperature. Now mother must always be noted for the well clothes, only hot food and keeping warm for home.

The warm wearing sounds simple but in fact there are many mothers make mistakes like wearing too much warm clothes as the child perspire, your baby’s body backwards permeability and lead to colds. These are the points to note if you want your baby stay healthily in cold days.

Always wear cotton inside before wearing sweaters and warm clothing, for t-shirts into pants to ensure warmth kidney and abdominal area for children. Mother should apply “warm oil” to keep warm abdomen. Keep warm belly for baby stomach helps normal operation, promote digestion and the absorption of food better. If stomach is cold, the baby will be prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Note: Oiled around the navel should follow clockwise and gently dab the kidney area

When going out, always wearing a hat and scarf to keep warm head and ears as if not, it very easily causes diseases such as colds, rhinitis and headache.

Keep their feet warm: the need to wear socks even in the house. Cold Feet infection will make vasoconstriction respiratory mucosa, reduce blood flow and decrease disease resistance. The child will easily get the flu when his/her feet are cold, so, let him/her stay healthy, mother always remember to keep warm for your baby’s little feet. Before going stockings, you should go get “warm lotions” gently massage the feet too. Every night before bed, foot massage helps babies sleep very deeply and lusciously. Sleep is the best medicine to help them recover. There are composed of natural herbs including ginger, garlic, onion, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, mint, lavender, citrus peel oil, seed oil, nutmeg, cloves, nigella sativa seed, aloe extract, lemongrass, citrus peel oil, coconut oil and palm oil on the warm lotion.

Tips for healing runny nose and stuffy nose without drugs


When the child has a runny nose or stuffy nose, mothers should take 2 “eye covering bags” heated in a microwave for 30 seconds, set on both ears for 10 minutes will help relieve nasal congestion: Because the nerves in the ears have to regulate blood in the nose, under the effect of warm blood vessels in the nose to dilate and help through the nostrils.

Also, use your thumb and forefinger to gently massage the nose several times a day.

When the child catches a stuffy nose, mother should use the pillow that is a little higher than normal for the baby while sleeping to ease breathing. For young children, mothers may prescribe a shoulder to the pillow to help the baby’s head not feel tired.

Keep the feet warm: Apply and gently massage the foot with “oil warm” before going stockings.

For children over 1 year of age, parents should let children drink hot lemon water mixed with honey: Vitamin C supplements or eating vitamin C-rich fruits such as oranges, grapefruit is very necessary. Many studies show that vitamin C helps boost the immune protein synthesis, improves the operation of the enzyme functions in the body, increases the number of lymphocytes and enhances the vitality of neutrophil cells, thereby increases the resistance and prevents colds.

The best dish is chicken soup for your baby, some ingredients in chicken soup helps reduce cough, steam soup helps relieve nasal congestion: Mother should note that with a cold, the child will often stop eating because the system is gastrointestinal dysfunction and indigestible. This time should not force her to eat food with high fat content such as cheese or butter because they will increase the burden on the body, the baby will be more tired. To complement proteins, can still drink milk baby warm, but mothers should let the baby drink from the on-demand, including for drinking water because this time the hepatic and kidneys are also weakened, cannot work much.


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