Newborn Baby Care: How to protect the delicate skin

Newborn Baby Care is a demanding task that requires mothers successfully complete. Newborns are very frail and fragile, especially the baby’s skin. If not for special care, babies are more susceptible to skin diseases or compromised skin infection. Mother has already known how to protect your baby’s skin?

Newborns have the thin skin with the structure and function that are not complete, so very vulnerable. So, the baby skin should be protected against harmful agents around.


Use products specifically for infants

To care for newborn, mother should be extremely careful and thorough in selecting and purchasing products for children. Baby’s skin is very sensitive, irritable, so any kind of product contact to the skin should be selected properly.

When choosing bath products for children, parents should prioritize kind which is gentle, pH-neutral, has been proven to be safe for young children, do not cause eye irritation, without drying and irritation. You can rub lotion on dry areas of little to complement the skin moisture.

Bathing baby must be in the correct way

In the first week, your baby does not need to bath every day. Instead, keep your baby clean by wiping over the baby body with warm water; especially do not miss the face. When your baby is 1 month old, you can bathe your baby about 2-3 days / times. Bathing your baby too much will dry the skin and sometimes cause a cold.

Bathing your newborn: When should limit

For those who are the very first time being mothers, the newborn infant bath is always first experience make motherhood confused. In addition to bathing correctly and proper preparation, you also must equip with additional information about the case which absolutely should not bathe your baby.

When bathing your baby, mothers do not forget to test the warmth of the water with your wrist to make sure the water is not too hot. Bath time fit is within 5-6 minutes.

Umbilical cord of baby care

When bathing and cleaning the baby, the mother should avoid getting the cord wet. Use a cloth dipped in warm water or alcohol squeezed through the umbilical cord to get rid of all dirt. You can see little bit of cord blood as it falls, and this time, continue cleaning with warm water. If you find any sign of abnormality, contact your doctor for advice carefully.

Prevention of diaper rash in infants

Diaper rash is a thing should be considered when mother care for the newborn. Dirty diapers used so long with no replacement will do little skin irritation, causing intimidation. When changing diapers, parents should clean the skin in the buttocks, groin and genitals of the baby. Rinse with warm water, using a soft cloth to wipe lightly, let it dry and then wrap the other diaper.

Mother notes to wipe from front to back when cleaning, changing diapers for girls to prevent contamination. Except at night, you should limit to change diapers for baby during the day. Baby skin needs to “breathe” and “rest”!

Anti – sun care for infant

Children need to sunbathe to enhance vitamin D, preventing jaundice. However, if the sun bathroom is not the right time, baby skin is very vulnerable by the attack of harmful ultraviolet rays. Therefore, mothers should let your baby get sunbathe before 9am infant, about 10-15 minutes is sufficient.

When there is something to take baby out, you should apply sunscreen to them. You should definitely use sunscreen products dedicated to infants. To prevent allergies, try a small amount of cream to the skin of the young hand. If there is no abnormality, the mother could use. However, if appear redness, swelling, stop immediately.

Limiting risk of skin irritation from clothing

It is best to wash all the clothes, blankets pillows, towels of baby with the products used for baby. Fabric softener should also be chosen a gentle, non-irritating to the skin. Do not choose a smell so strong, instead pleasant aroma.


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