Sharing the experience how to help children increase their resistance effectively parents need to know

Sharing experience how to help children increase their resistance effectively parents need to know is the synthesis of important knowledge in the category of child health to add more information about feeding up children. The parents who have babies usually wonder how to help your children stay healthy as well as have a good immunity system against the pathogen of virus existed in the surrounding environment. The mothers should know that the construction of the best resistance for your child, besides supplying necessary nutrition, needs to set for your baby healthy living habits, so the plan can be carried out smoothly.


The way to increase the baby’s immunity that young mothers should refer

Healthy living habits

  • Parents should cuddle your baby frequently. This activity can improve the ability of blood circulation efficiency, enhance children’s immunity, as well as help children absorbs better. Furthermore, it also can make children cry less and sleep better.
  • Parents should let your children drink a plenty of water. Drinking more water can clean the intestines and digestion of children.
  • Parents should make a favourable condition for children to be exposed to the surrounding environment. The babies will be famillar with the external harmful agents, if any, so they can have a natural resistance.
  • Parents should pay attention to children’s personal hygiene cleanliness. This helps children to prevent bacteria from entering their body. Parents should teach them good habits such as how to wash their hands before and after the meals, …
  • Children should go to bed early and get up in time.
  • Do not use any antibiotics without the instruction of the doctors. The immune system of the body may be famillar with some of the bacterias to protect children from some kinds of common diseases. The overuse of antibiotics will make their body depend on medicines. This can lead to the weaker immunity situation.

Understanding about diseases

One of the most effective ways to help the baby increase their immunity is aware of types of disease. In fact, diseases usually break out with the seasons. Thus, you need to follow and understand the epidemic situation. It also is necessary to have enough information about the disease as well as how to treat it. Some seasonal outbreaks following:

  • In the summer: diarrhea, respiratory infections, hand-foot-mouth disease, pink eye,…
  • In the fall: influenza, typhus, diarrhea,..
  • In the winter and spring: measles, chickenpox, influenza A/H5N1,..

Some kinds of foods enhance children’s immunity

  • Walnuts: this type of fruit not only is known as a nutritional food, but also contains more omega-3 which can help the body fight against illness, reducing some respiratory infections of children.
  • Vegetables and fruit: parents should make a choice of foods containing vitamin C such as: oranges, tangerines, strawberries, broccolis, sweet potatoes,.. The amount of vitamin C including will help children against cold and flu.
  • Meat: meat can provide nutrition for children. It helps children strengthen their body immune system. Meat has a large amount of protein that help them stay healthy, and a kind of zinc helps leukemia cells against bacterial infection.

Prevention is better than curing

Parents should need to know more about vaccinations and take them to vaccinate to avoid dangerous diseases like encephalitis, leukemia, tetanus, and pertussis. During the time when the epidemic takes place seriously, parents should not take children to public places or expose too many people.

Hopefully, this sharing experience will help children increase their immunity that the mothers should know. The parents will have more knowledge to take care of their offspring better during the early life. The mother should remember that, supplying necessary nutrition is not enough. It is very important to gain knowledge about children’s immunity as well as referring to the doctor’s instruction and other people’s experience. Parents should use both traditional and modern methods to look after their children better. Furthermore, they should supply nutrients and teach children a healthy living habit to ensure that children will grow up well and have a good immunity. Children’s health always is the assurance of all parents. Wish you have a brimful health and an intellectual brainpower to take care your children!


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