Taking Care Of The Baby In The Best Way Possible

A beautiful albeit tough experience

There is no denying that having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences that one can have. Having a small child and then nurturing them, raising them and watching them grow is an experience that cannot be explained in words. It is an emotion that can only be felt. While it is true that there is no bigger joy than becoming a parent, an equally huge truth is that there is no bigger responsibility as well. At the beginning of their life, the baby is going to be entirely dependent on you. It would be your responsibility to ensure that no harm befalls them.

The responsibility is indeed massive and is one that tends to leave a lot of parents overwhelmed. Parents, especially when they have their first child, are often found to be a nervous wreck. They continuously question themselves and think a thousand times before doing anything as they live under the fear that they would commit an error that would be harmful to the baby. Having a baby can get a bit exhausting and overwhelming as well since the baby requires your full time and undivided attention.


How to take care of the baby

The first thing that you need to do before you learn more about baby care is to calm yourself. Take deep breaths and convince yourself that you are doing just fine. There would be times when you might not be the perfect parent. Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself for the same. This would prove to be the first step in ensuring that you take care of your baby in the best way possible.

Holding the baby in the right manner is rather important. It is at around 3 to 4 months of age that the baby can support their neck on their own. In the beginning, there is going to be a considerable amount of head lag. Thus, ensure that when you pick them up, you provide adequate support to their head and neck.

As inconvenient as it might sound, in the first six months, the baby should only be breastfed. There should be no top feed used unless it is an absolute requirement. Breastfeeding would allow you to develop a closer bond with your baby and prove to be beneficial for their health. You can introduce other dietary items after six months of age as by that time, the baby’s digestive system is strong enough to withstand such items. Do not underestimate the importance of making the baby burp after feeding them.

Do not trivialize the importance of excessive crying. If you feel that your baby is crying inconsolably for prolonged durations and you are unable to fathom the reason for it, make sure that you consult a doctor at the earliest as this can be a sign of some underlying problem.

Do not forget to sterilize all items that you use for the baby. Use warm water for the purpose.

Putting a baby to sleep is certainly a difficult task. Try to put the baby in a calm mood. You can do so by talking to them in low tones and a soothing voice. Refrain from making eye contact when you are trying to put the baby to sleep. Eye contacts tend to excite the baby and thus, you would find it difficult to put them to sleep in such a situation.

When bathing the baby, make sure that the products you use are of profound quality and can be trusted not to harm your baby in any way. Use warm water to give them a bath and make sure that they are adequately supported while you are bathing them. You can use quirky toys to distract them during the process. After bathing, make sure that you dry them thoroughly. You should use soft strokes with a towel for this purpose. Do not be rough in your handling.

Research has proved that it is better for babies to sleep with their parents. Thus, you can put their cot next to your bed. Empty the cot before you put them to sleep, though.


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