What absolutely should not do when kids drink milk?

Milk is one of the nutritional supplements for offsprings and children to supply necessary nutrition for a comprehensive development. Drinking milk in the right way will bring numerous effects. Furthermore, it also is a refreshing drink, which is the favourite drink of many children. However, if the mother doesn’t know how your children drink milk safety combined with some kinds of foods, it will be very dangerous. Let’s see this following information to find out taboos when children drink milk!

1. Drinking milk with fruit

In about 1 hour before drinking milk, the mother should not let children eat any kinds of fruit. Because the protein in milk when combines with acids of fruits will has a bad effect on children’s digestive system and reduces the ability to absorb the nutrients in milk. Besides, fruit juices or other soft drinks such as soda are also put into “black list”.

2. Adding sugar into hot milk

Parents know that a glass of hot milk before going to bed can help children sleep tight. However, the parents should not add sugar into a glass of hot milk because, if there is the “help” of temperature, lysine in milk will associate with sugar to create a toxic which is dangerous to the body. If you want to add sugar, the mother should add it when the milk is warm and the ideal temperature is around 30-70 degree Celcius.

3. Drinking with chocolate

Researchers have demonstrated that when chocolate is used with milk, oxalic acid contained in chocolate will combine with calcium to form calcium oxalate compound. If this compound accumulates in the body for a long time, it can cause kidney stones. Additionally, drinking milk with chocolate can decrease the ability of the body’s calcium absorption and lead to the calcium deficiency situation gradually.

4. Drinking milk with medicine

Many parents have a have to let their children drink milk with medicine and this is not good for your children. When the parent lets children drink milk with medicine, milk will make a thin membrane covering the tablet. Calcium, magnesium and other nutrients in milk can combined with the medicine to make chemical reactions, affecting efficacy of medicines. Therefore, in about 1 hour both before and after drinking medicine, children should not drink milk.

5. Don’t drink milk when hungry

In this busy life, the mothers usually give their children a glass of milk when their babies are hungry, if they do not prepare meals for them. In fact, drinking a glass of milk when the baby is hungry can not make him full. Because when being hungry, acid in the stomach will secrete more, drinking milk at this time will create a favourable condition for it to meet protein in the milk to form the precipitate which causes digestive disorders. Therefore, parents should not let the baby drink milk when he is hungry. The children should drink it after the meal as an extra meal of the day. Specially, drinking a glass of milk before sleeping will help the baby’s body absorb the calcium better.

6. Mixing the milk with the water too hot or too cold

Many mothers do not have experience, so they use too hot or too cold water to mix the milk for their children. This is completely wrong when drinking milk and it has effects on the baby’s absorption of nutrients. If you mix the milk with too hot water, some kinds of nutrients in milk like lysine, folic acid, vitamin B… is easy to be damaged, mutilated because of the effect of high temperature. But if you mix it with too cold water, milk will not melt, so children cannot absorb the nutrients in milk. The best way is that you should use warm water from 40 -60 degree Celcius to mix milk for the children. You can mix 2/3 cold water with 1/3 hot water to have a reasonable temperature as above. Moreover, you should shake the bottle to make milk melt and wait for 10 minutes for the milk cool down before feeding.

After reading this information, hope that the parents will keep away from these things which can be dangerous for children. Besides these cases, drinking milk in the right way can be very beneficial for the brain development as well as physical of children.


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