Work out with the stroller, why not?

It is obvious that a stroller helps you a lot in taking care of your baby. However, you would definitely shock at other benefits that a stroller brings to you. You can work out with your stroller! It is extremely exciting, is not it? Do you believe me? Are you wondering how I can do that? Now, let’s me share with you how I can do that amazing thing!


1. Why you need work out even though when you do not have much time?

We cannot deny the fact that very mother is so busy with their baby care. There is a mountain of tasks they need to solve every day, from feeding, bathing, talking, teaching, etc. Some people often said that there are thousands of nameless tasks too!

However, women especially those who have children need to be beautiful in others’ eyes. What happen if your husband just looks at your messy hair or your less attractive body for such a long time? You have spent much love for your family, and it is also the time you love yourself too.

Work out or exercising is very good for your beauty care and your health as well. What you should do is combining all your tasks at the same time and doing it wisely. Let your baby go out to enjoy the fresh air and take some exercises with your stroller.

2. What you should remember

  • Asking doctors for some advice first
    You have just given birth for not too long, and your body is still in the process of recovery. Thus, remember to get some advice, guidance, or suggestions from your doctor. He will show you whether your body is ready for work out or not, and what level of exercise you can take. You also share with him your option of combining work out with a stroller. Absolutely, he shall give you a lot of helpful information.
  • Warm up
    Warm up plays an important role in practicing any sport or exercise. This helps your body get familiar with the speed of exercise. After a long sleep or doing tasks inside, your body like lazy and inactive enough for other activities. As a result, careful warm up is in place to deal with that. You can jog or make a power walk for 5 or 10 minutes as warm up. Then, you can repeat by running or making a power walk from 3 to 5 minutes. If you feel painful in any of the exercises, please stop right away.

3. Some kinds of work out can do with the stroller:

  • Jogging with the stroller
    Maybe at first it is going very hard for you to get the fitness schedule regularly. As an advice, you can take a jogging with your stroller. When you get familiar, you can speed up or increase the distance of jogging. Please do not speed up to fast since it can make your body uncomfortable. Jogging is a light exercise, so when it is comfortable and you get that routine, you can try other exercises.jogging with stroller
  • Squat from 15 to 25 times
    Squat is really good for your belly and back. You can practice by following these steps:

    1. Standing on the ground, keep your body on straight position
    2. Placing your hands on the handle of your stroller
    3. Adjusting your feet as high as you can above your head
    4. Keeping your knees always on facing ahead position
    5. Getting your body down and pushing the stroller besides at the same time
    6. Trying to stand up by squeezing your thighs and pulling the stroller behind
  • Stepping forward
    The stroller here is like a base for your exercise. You can step forward and let the stroller move too. The highlight is stretching your body. Your front leg bend, but your back leg should be as straight as you can. Next, use the power from your front leg for returning the starting position. The most important thing is keeping your back straight too! You can start by your right leg forward, but then remember to change to your left leg. Please repeat it as many times as you can. It is hard but very good as it is like yoga.

Here are some suggestions for your work out with stroller. Hope that you find something helpful and can put them into practice as soon as possible!


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